How a Real Estate Agent Works


A real estate agent works to make your home-buying or selling experience as smooth as possible. Their knowledge of the local market and housing industry can save you time, money and frustration, while also giving you peace of mind.

A good real estate agent will be able to walk you through every step of the buying or selling process, answering all your questions and explaining any terms or paperwork that may seem confusing. In addition, they will take care of all the paperwork and work with you to make sure everything is done correctly and on time.

Buyer’s agents help you find a property that fits your needs and budget. They do this by searching for properties online and in person, setting up showings and educating clients on the local market and housing prices.

They also find out if you’re preapproved for a mortgage loan, and they will contact your lender to get the ball rolling on this important part of the process.

Throughout the process, your agent will keep you informed of things that are going on, making sure you’re aware of all changes and updates, whether that’s a new open house or a potential price reduction. They’ll also communicate with the seller’s agent, the buyer’s agent and other parties involved in the sale to make sure everyone is on the same page and to keep everything moving forward until the closing day. Learn more


The closing process includes all the legal steps that come with a real estate transaction, including title or escrow, home appraisals and home inspections. Your agent will be on the front line, representing your interests at all times, so they’ll ensure the contract is accurate and that the terms of the home loan are met by the lender and buyer.

Closing can be a long and complicated process, but your agent will keep you informed of what’s happening at all times. They will suggest a final walkthrough of the home close to the closing date, and they’ll look over all the paperwork to make sure it’s correct.


Most real estate agents are paid through a commission, which is a percentage of the sales price at closing. It’s a common practice in the industry and largely works to reward agents who are successful.

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